Abrasion definition

Scraped spot is the work that residue particles do against one another, for the most part in streams (as in this case from Nevada's Truckee River) and at the shoreline.


Scraped spot is the mechanical scratching of a stone surface by rubbing in the middle of rocks and moving particles amid their vehicle by wind, icy mass, waves, gravity, running water or disintegration. After grinding, the moving particles unstick free and frail flotsam and jetsam from the stone's side.
The force of scraped area relies on upon the hardness, fixation, speed and mass of the moving particles.
Beach front scraped spot happens as breaking waves which contain sand and bigger sections dissolve the shoreline or headland. This uproots material bringing about undermining and conceivable breakdown of unsupported overhanging precipices.
Scraped area stages are shore stages where wave activity scraped spot is a conspicuous procedure. On the off chance that it is presently being formed, it will be uncovered just at low tide, however there is a probability that the wave-cut stage will be shrouded sporadically by a mantle of shoreline shingle (the scraping operators). In the event that the stage is forever uncovered over the high-water mark, it is most likely a raised shoreline stage, which is not viewed as a result of scraped area.
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